The end

stained glass window

Murky skies, murky mood. Going home is expected for these kinds of events. Somber, bitter exhibitions held for the living to perform grievous posturing, outdoing hired mourners. Firstborn son, blessed girl-child - she is the twin of you! - coming together telling stories, feigning good memories, lying to keep the vultures in check. Do the … Continue reading The end

Book ‘im, Danno

black rotary telephone

Mildred frowned. She would never get back those last four hours. The wasted time was only redeemed by also being spent with her granddaughter, Stella. The same granddaughter who insisted she could teach her grandmother how to use a smartphone. Emojis, texts, apps, camera and voice messaging… it was all so foreign. Whatever happened to … Continue reading Book ‘im, Danno