Month: February 2016

praying mantis

I want to be alone

I’m feeling peckish I might bite someone’s head off If they get too close

Michigan Jones

Standing in the ankle-deep weeds and brambles, Haley stared at the old store front watching the reflections of passing cars scrolling across the surprisingly intact display windows. Carefully she moved through the over-grown parking lot stepping around broken pieces of asphalt peeking through the grass. After slapping her bare arms a few times, she cursed ...

crude gravestone

Family reunion

Goodwood Duxford tales… Dandelions sprang up as if overnight, dotting the garden grounds in little fluffy, yellow polka dots. Instead of his usual equipment, Goodwood Duxford, caretaker and hereditary ghost wrangler at Gramberly Cemetery, filled the pockets of his carpenter’s apron with pruning shears, a trowel, a small spade, and a water bottle filled, not ...


Died in the wool

They lied. They said it would only take twenty-one days until it became my new normal. I’d learn to adjust, maybe even enjoy the change. I could’ve told them on day one that wasn’t going to happen. You can’t prepared yourself for something like that. I did try. The first few days were horrible. So ...

charge cord repair

100 Word Challenge: Habit

Over the weekend, my laptop power cord started dying. It’s been acting wonky for a while, even has a few red, electrical tape bandages. It’s one of those MagSafe power adapters that is supposed to have a quick-release detachment if the cord is yanked out. It works, but not without consequence. I’ve nutted up the ...

cemetery gate

Make mine decaf

Goodwood Duxford tales... The moon had reached its zenith, and the roaring bonfire was throwing sparks and shadows, animating the surrounding darkness. “Your turn, Roger,” Goodwood Duxford was acting emcee for the inaugural Gramberly Cemetery get together. As the resident caretaker and ghost wrangler, and because he knew every spirit in Gramberly, he seemed the ...

tropical storm waves

Season salt

Florida has three seasons - Spring, Summer and Hurricane. From June 1 through November 30, conditions are right for the formation of hurricanes. More than just a little wind and rain, hurricanes can rip the siding off houses, and upend boats then deposit them in the tops of trees. Storm surges, the rising level of ...