vintage brownie camera

Little black case

The dusty, little black case bespoke of a simpler time. Hidden high on a forgotten shelf, its single eye looking out on a changing world, the box held onto long-lost memories. Childhood summers chasing fireflies, teenage young love, balancing on that cusp between the dawn and dusk of a curated life. Graduations, christenings, weddings and … Continue reading Little black case

sand shelf high tide

Storyteller beach

Strata tells a tale Digging deeper for the truth Subterranean Like rings of a tree Each layer another chapter Archaeologist Years through an hourglass Measuring passage of time Interminable Starfish sand castles Mermaid scales and Kraken teeth Unbelievable

black and white ivy-covered window

Winter storm

His mordant wit was as sharp and deadly as an executioner’s ax. Sometimes Victor’s mocking cut to the quick with sudden and precise aim, and at other times it was wielded with brutal, hacking repetition. The verbal fencing was a talent Victor inherited from his father. While charming with his friends, without hesitation Victor would … Continue reading Winter storm