When passion is possession

selfie in tiny mirror

My passion is to see the things that no one else sees, and to capture that moment.

During a recent morning walk, I noticed what appeared to be a tiny side mirror from a bike or scooter on the ground. At first, I passed it by, only to backtrack and take the shot with my smartphone. Only, I didn’t just snap a quick photo. I had to walk around it several times until I got the “right” angle, then I took several photos.

My neighbor, who was mowing his lawn, watched my shenanigans for a moment. I’m not sure what he made of my behavior. I’m fairly sure the mirror was small enough he didn’t see what I was taking a photo of, only that I was doing something with my phone. Perhaps, he saw I was wearing my earbuds, and thought  I was simply changing the song on my playlist. I tried to play it off, waving good morning, then continued on my way.

The thing is, had I not captured this image, it would have haunted me. Even as I returned home along the same route, I wondered if I shouldn’t take a couple more shots… just to make sure I got a good one. Perhaps that makes my little photography hobby Possession, and not just Passion.

NaBloPoMo May 2015
2/31 – Your Passion