A new generation

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The story so far

“He’s close,” Abigail said. “You trust me, don’t you?”

“Completely.” Barlowe took a deep breath as he gathered Abigail in his arms. “See you on the other side.”


Quentin stood outside Abigail’s apartment, the anticipation of taking her and Barlowe together made his breath come in quick gasps.

Materializing through the door, he floated into her bedroom, leaving the crumbling husk of what once was Dr. Marshall Payne abandoned in the hallway, blowing away like so much dust.

Watching them make love, a shadowy voyeur, Quentin waited for the perfect time to assume Barlowe’s body.

Sensing Quentin had arrived, Abigail touched the emerald pendant at her throat and drew Barlowe’s essence into the gemstone. At the same moment, Quentin merged with the detective.

Abigail felt Barlowe’s body shutter, and she knew Quentin was there too.

For a split second, looking down at Abigail, Quentin showed her the image of his true face. Instead of fear, he saw triumph, then he saw the emeralds nestled between her breasts. She returned his gesture, slipping out of her Iona skin, and into Abigail. In that instant, he knew what she had done. He knew she won, and that he was lost forever.

Scientific experts and theologians debate over when a human fetus is a viable entity. Some say it’s when the child can live outside the womb, others say it is in the heartbeat of conception.

Conception, where there is no sentience, no awareness of being. The only time a creature like Quentin can be captured. When all his evil, all his memories, are returned to nothing. That realm when he no longer exists.

Just as Barlowe and Abigail came together to create a child, a vessel was also created to hold what was once great evil, but was now the hope of a new life. In that moment Abigail knew she had captured two men – one for power, the other for love.

As the exchange was made, as Quentin’s essence was drawn into Abigail’s womb, Barlowe’s essence flowed out of the emerald haven, and reanimated his body.

Abigail rolled Barlowe onto his back, resting her ear on his chest, hoping to hear a heartbeat.

Barlowe finally coughed like a drowning man coming up for air. He felt both exhilaration and nausea.

“How’d we do?” He wiped his mouth and eyes with the back of his hands, and tried to catch his breath. With Abigail’s help, he sat up.

She was beside him on the edge of the bed, holding his hands. Tears threatened at the corners of her eyes.

“We did good,” she whispered. “He’s gone.”

“Are we good?” Barlowe didn’t want this to be his last time with Abigail. “Is this over between us?”

“Oh, no, Det. Barlowe,” Abigail said. “You can’t get rid of me that easily.”

Barlowe laid back on the pillows, feelings of relief and exhaustion overwhelming him. He took Abigail into his arms, and closed his eyes.

They stayed intertwine until Barlowe’s quiet snores told Abigail he had fallen asleep. She watched him, his eyelids twitching in a dream. Laying her hands on her stomach, she smiled.

“Well, little one,” she whispered. “What kind of trouble will we get into?”

Submitted to Master Class: inspired by, “Slipping into another skin.


10 thoughts on “A new generation

  1. I think this is the first excerpt I have seen from the story and it is definitely intriguing! I will have to catch up with the rest ASAP. I agree with the others, your descriptions provide for great visualizations.

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    1. This post was the final installment in the story. You can find all the other chapters under “Quentin” in “Works in Progress” on the top nav car. They will be shown in reverse chronological order.


  2. I actually read this when you first posted it, but saved commenting for later. I’m glad I did as I enjoyed the story even better the 2nd time around. I also have not been keeping up, but if this were the excerpt you dangled in front of me, I’d be the cat swatting at the string for more. I’m really glad MC provided the prompt you needed to further your story. I have a lot more unfinished stories than I’d like to admit to.

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  3. I have not been keeping up with the previous drafts, so I feel like I stepped into the middle of something (as I am sure I did). I like the idea that you are toying with, of having a spirit take over another’s body, and you did so at an opportune time.

    My favorite line is: “Materializing through the door, he floated into her bedroom, leaving the crumbling husk of what once was Dr. Marshall Payne abandoned in the hallway, blowing away like so much dust.”

    The visual of having his body crumble into dust on the other side of the doorway was a wonderful use of figurative language.

    I will be keeping track now, to see where you take this one next.


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    1. You can find all the previous chapters by either clicking on the “The story so far…” link at the top of this post, or on the “Quentin” link in the Works in Progress menu in the top nav bar.


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