I am


I am set in my ways. After half a century, my beliefs and principles aren’t going to change much.

I am open-minded. I welcome your ideas, welcome learning new things. If I don’t agree with you, that doesn’t mean I don’t understand.

I am afraid sometimes. There are scary things in this world that I know I can’t conquer.

I am going to keep fighting. I may not always win, but I won’t give up.

I am tired and weak. Age and nature have not always been kind. My joints ache, my strength wanes, and my mind wanders.

I am still alive. I may not move as smoothly or as quickly as I once did, but I won’t stay down.

I am easygoing, but can be assertive when I need to be.

I am a hugger.

I am forgiving. I don’t hold grudges, but trust is a hard thing to earn back.

I am a wife and mother, sister, daughter and friend.

I am a writer and photographer.

I am a daydreamer.

I am proud of my Celtic heritage.

I am a conservative

I am a believer.

I am southern.

I am the only me I can be.

This week’s Studio30 Plus prompt is “Will,” and/or “I am.”
NaBloPoMo 18/30

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