Your face will freeze that way

angry one-year-oldI have one of those faces, one of those “she-should-smile-more” faces. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been asked if I’m angry, when I don’t realize that I’ve been frowning. Some of it is my extreme myopic eyesight. Squinting is a necessary by-product. Some of it is that I’m constantly thinking some deep philosophical something, or trying to not have audible conversations with myself. I told my daughter recently that one of the reasons I don’t like having my photo taken is that even when I attempt to smile, it still looks like a frown.

Mel and Michele, the Ketchup with Us mavens, have given me a new lease on life. They offered an alternate explanation that I can heartily embrace – Bitchy Resting Face. Apparently a malady that affects many women. The male counterpart to this is Asshole Resting Face. Those afflicted with BRF simply default to a scowl, like having a perpetual headache or smelling an offensive odor.

My BRF was evident at a very early age – Baby Bitchy Resting Face. I guess my mother was right… my face did freeze that way.

So, if I look like I’m mad, or like a full-on bitch, just remember, that may only be my BRF. I’m actually a very nice person, until I’m not.

Prompt #23: Share your Bitchy Resting Face
Prompt #23: Share your Bitchy Resting Face.

11 thoughts on “Your face will freeze that way

  1. You look deep in thought in the pic. Like someone interrupted you out of a baby daydream. Very cute, Tara! You have a great smile, too! 🙂


  2. Oh my dear lord, that describes my mom perfectly! I mean, it goes mega watt when she really is feeling like a bitch, but I can’t even tell you how many times over the years people have bristled at her every day walking around face when she’s feeling fine. This is too funny, I’m forwarding her this post right now…


  3. I would always hate it when I’m in a perfectly good mood, just doing my thing and then someone comes up and sternly pronounces ” Why you mad? Smile!” Um, I’m not mad and I was in a good mood til you killed my mellow. lol


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