Pick up after your dog


I typically don’t engage trolls. It seems like such a nugatory endeavor. These bots have no real intention of having a rational discussion. Their only purpose is spreading vitriol, hoping to provoke a response.

To dwell on the rantings of mad dogs is an exercise in futility. There’s no expectation for normal conversation, their arguments only get more personal and belligerent. There’s no history, or prior interaction. It’s guerrilla warfare, ambushing with words. I don’t get it. It’s really sad and pathetic to think that this is all they do, or all they live for.

It’s the pointlessness that confounds me. Why would someone spend their time cruising the Internet, usually without knowing anything other than what is read in a single entry, dropping turds of hate in the backyards of total strangers? And, it’s exactly that. They are full of shit and are dropping steaming piles of turds everywhere.

Their words, their comments, their arguments are no more compelling than what the neighbor’s mutt leaves on my lawn. While more annoyed than offended at having to clean up the filth, it’s simply a matter of tossing the muck in my trash.

There’s no point in trying to dissuade further deposits, inconsiderate trolls, like inconsiderate neighbors, can’t be reasoned with, there is that sense of entitlement to do as they please. Childish and boorish, both unworthy of my energy and attention.

I’m fortunate in that I rarely get trollish comments. (I’ve probably jinxed that now.) Since the majority of my blog features photography and fiction, there’s little to contradict.

I’m not a Comment Purist. I have absolutely no problem trashing any comment that is a personal attack on me or another commenter. My unwritten rule is, “play nice, or go home.” You can disagree, offer a different view, but keep it civil, or you get deleted and “blacklisted.”

The Trifecta challenge this week is: Dwell [intransitive verb \ˈdwel\] 3a: to keep the attention directed — used with on or upon

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I believe all good fiction includes an element of truth, and all good photography includes an element of fantasy. In this journal I hope to give voice to the stories swirling around in my head, and to capture the images I see through my camera’s lens.

41 thoughts on “Pick up after your dog

  1. Once I “introduced” Blogger A (long-time blogger friend) to Blogger B (someone I’d recently discovered), and Blogger A took big offense to a post of Blogger B’s and attacked her quite strongly. I like them both and thought A overreacted, but what do you do? I’ve only had 2 trolls of my own, really, one a couple years ago, who was a psycho gun nut before psycho gun nuts were in fashion, and one just recently, who told me I was a “complete idiot” for expressing my (I thought humorous) distaste for my own Norwegian ancestry! Yes, the delete button is a wonderful thing. Most people are “cool as hell” and will disagree with you, if they do, with civility.


    1. Twitter can be terrible about trolls. There is so little transparency there, so many people using pseudonyms. It’s difficult sometimes to tell if the suspect account is a real person or a bot.


  2. While I don’t get the trolls, I do get a lot of people offering me “unique business opportunities” or asking my advice on their sites, which are usually dating…or *ahem*…sites.


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