Hope for the next generation

Home for a short visit, my College Kid and I were discussing the recent North Carolina primary, and Amendment One that defines marriage “solely as a union between a man and a woman.” We are both in favor of same-sex marriages. When she turned 18, and was still living at home, her first ballot as a legal adult, was to vote against a similar amendment in Florida. Unfortunately, both states passed their bans. Despite the disappointing outcome of both the Florida and North Carolina votes, I’m encouraged that young adults of her generation are much more open to gay marriage than my generation. She sent me this graphic. It depicts the county-by-county vote on the marriage ban. The green counties voted for the ban, the red ones against it. The red counties are also where the major colleges in the state are located. This gives me hope for her generation. That when she is my age, with children of her own, she can

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