A splash of color

I spent most of last week moving in slow motion. I had a routine medical procedure that took three days to prep, submit, and recover. It wasn’t drastic, or traumatic, just too freakin’ time consuming. So, once the weekend arrived, I took full advantage of the gorgeous weather – sunshine, cool breezes, and fluffy clouds – and eagerly went on my semi-fortnightly* photo hike. *Hubs tells me this means the same thing as ‘weekly’ – you can trust him, he’s a rocket scientist. All photos taken at Fred Gannon/Rocky Bayou State Park in Niceville, Florida. (Photos shot with a Nikon D60, using an 18-55mm, 55-200mm, 20mm f/2.8 wide-angle, 50mm f/1.8 prime lens, Nikon CoolPix S205 and/or iPhone4) For more photos, please visit my Flickr photostream or my 365 Project Page. To see other city scenes from around the world, check out Unknown Mami’s Sundays in My City. Don’t forget to show the love to Mami and the other City contributors.

Week 16: 365 Project

I give up… I might as well resign myself to the fact that the majority of my 365 photos will be taken with my iPhone. It’s easier to carry around (read: less conspicuous) and, while I do have my DSLR with me when I go out on errands, the smaller camera phone will always be my go-to for spur of the moment shots. 119 photos uploaded, 32% complete!

Honey-do list

What does she do all day, just play on her laptop? I work like a dog and still have to putz around at home. “Hey, I cycled the laundry and fed the cats!” Why does he do that? Do I announced every chore I finish? Maybe I should show him my list. I don’t get one or two jobs checked off and he thinks I’m lazy. I hope mom and dad don’t ask me to do anything. Finally got settled in my chair and Po is all snug on my lap. Dang! I left my water in the kitchen. The Trifextra Challenge for this weekend is to “…take a scene that involves (or affects) at least three people… (written) from the point of view of three of the characters, using 33 words for each character.”

Possibilities await

Behind each closed door Possibilities await On the other side No key, no charmed words Open the lock, turn the knob Step through the threshold Be quick, don’t tarry The portal is transient Choices momentary Opportunities Crumble to dust, abandoned Squandered all for naught Haiku Friday is hosted by Lou at LouCeeL.

TMI with a spoonful of sugar

You may remember me mentioning that I’m turning 50 this year. With great age, comes great responsibility. While I’m not quite old enough for AARP, at this advanced phase of my life I am expected to submit participate in a list of various and sundry screenings and tests that in medieval times would be considered torture. One such test will be conducted on Wednesday, and with the entirety of Tuesday set aside to prep for this test (I was actually told it would be better for me to stay close to home all day), I thought I’d bore you with the TMI details early. I’ll no doubt be sitting a lot on Tuesday, but I won’t want to carry my laptop with me into the reading room. For this particular test, I’ve already had a baseline, so I know what to expect. Tuesday morning and evening I have to ingest a sodium/potassium/magnesium sulfate solution, along with as much clear liquids

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