Got up early Saturday morning to head out for my photo hike. I had an ulterior motive to propel me out of the door before 7 a.m. Florida’s early voting began this morning too. Polls opened at a new precinct in the city where I live, and I went to perform my civic duty and cast a ballot. Timing was on my side, and I was the very first person to vote… #00001. I was disappointed that there wasn’t any glitter or confetti to commemorate the auspicious occasion. Cake or coffee would have been welcome too, but alas I had to settle for stopping at a local donut shack for an apple fritter. You know I had to ask, but they wouldn’t let me snap a picture of my inaugural ballot being accepted into the counting machine. Getting out that early also afforded me the opportunity to snag a sunrise shot, and some pix at the beach when the lighting

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Hobbies – 365 Week 3

For my 365 Project this week, I featured shots that illustrated some of my favorite pastimes, my hobbies. The pic of my Chocolate Lab snoozing depicts my love of a good nap. If you thought I would include a shot of myself sleeping, all drooling and bad bed head… yeah, that just wasn’t gonna happen. “Maelstrom” was a taken while trailing hiking at a local state park. I try to go for a hike at least once a week. Gets me out of the house (and off the streets) and I get to engage in another favorite hobby – photography. I also like to make jewelry. Stringing and wire-wrapping beads, to create one-of-a-kind bracelets and necklaces. I give most of these away to friends and relatives. This is a piece I’m making with some fan shells I found on one of our local beaches. The yarn and hook shot is from a crochet project I started before Christmas. I hope

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