Project 365 – Week 2

Week two completed! I’m thinking that if I shift my thinking away from taking a daily photo for a year, and instead focus on each week separately, this project won’t seem so daunting. I may try some weekly themes. Any suggestions or requests ~ within reason ~ are welcome. This project is re-enforcing an old habit of taking my camera with me wherever I go, and forcing me to take more pictures of every day things. There is beauty in the mundane, we just have to look for it. For Saturday’s shot, taken very early in the morning, I tried to captured a thick layer of frost on our car windows. Frost, in and of itself, isn’t very unique. but it is in Florida.I knew that once the sun was up, it wouldn’t last long so I took the opportunity to take a few photos, and give my neighbors another chance to see me in my mismatched pjs. “Photography is a

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