Me and my shadow

Me and my shadow

It’s not a resolution!! Dammit!

That I chose to start walking again in the mornings has more to do with an upcoming appointment with my rheumatologist than Sunday being January 1. During my last meeting with her I made promises to lose weight ~ an effort to ease stress on my knees and ankles.

That didn’t work like I had hoped… so much for those lofty plans.

I digress…

I’ve been trying to get The Mister to join me on these walks for months. He finally agreed Monday, being that as a federal employee he had the day off.  Bastage!

These morning saunters, up ’til now, have been my moment of zen. A time to empty my brain, to think of story lines or even hash out character dialogue (out loud, thankyouverymuch), or maintain an incessant rant about something The Mister did that pissed me off the night prior or that very morning.

All of that won’t be possible with my new exercise buddy. I guess we’ll have to actually talk with each other about ~ oh, I don’t know ~ things like our kids, his job, finances, future plans, other sorts of married people stuff.

Who knows we might even have to hold hands, and other icky things like that.

The first day went okay. We walked, talked, there were none of those awkward silent pauses in the conversation. Dare I say, we even laughed a few times.

I don’t know how successful this experiment will be, how long we can maintain a symbiotic walking relationship, but I’m willing to give up a few of my precious mornings to capture an hour alone with The Mister. Well, as alone as we can be on a busy, public sidewalk… and not get caught.!/Tara_R/status/153825873756307456

19 thoughts on “Me and my shadow

  1. I walk every morning and am now trying to add some running into the mix. most days I’m on my own or walking with my sister, so there’s none of that icky stuff that really sounds very nice!


  2. That’s pretty cool. We’re actually getting started with that kind of “icky” stuff too. It’s important for relationships. Keep it up!

    Thanks for linking-up with @StoryDam!


  3. That’s exactly what I should be doing Tara. I’m achy and sore and have every excuse in the book keeping me from getting more exercise….especially walking. Good for you and your hubby….good luck in sticking with it. ~Joy


  4. I like this so much and really hope it becomes a standing date for the two of you!

    Over here I find that hikes and walks together is (sadly) one of the only times we truly unplug and connect with each other anymore. Lucky for us, hiking trails outside the back door allows that quite a bit 🙂

    Good luck!


  5. ICK! You’re gonna hold his hand??? Eeew. 😉

    Congratulations on convincing The Mister to join you. I can’t get mine to join me, even when walking the dog. He claims he can’t keep up with us.


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