I look like I know what I'm doing. Black rubber-encased camera with a custom-made neck strap; a 55-200mm zoom expertly twisted into place; long hair expertly encased in a black ball cap; capped off by a tan field vest with its many pockets filled with prime lenses, filters, and batteries - I am the very... Continue Reading →

The interview

I had interviewed authors before, but this one was going to be more difficult than anything else I’d done. At least with other writers whose work I didn’t like, because they wrote about an uninteresting topic or a literary genre I found dull, I could still find a way to make the review compelling. I... Continue Reading →

Crossing the line

Living in Northwest Florida, I'm within an hour of the Alabama border. I've about exhausted the state parks around here, so thought I'd take a drive to visit a park in Florala which is just over the state line. Florala ~ get it? FLORida and ALAbama, FLORALA? The park isn't very big, and other than... Continue Reading →

Love letters

Before Internet, before email, they wrote love letters to each other. She tied them with a red ribbon, secreting them away in the rafters of the attic so they wouldn't scandalize their children. A little Trifecta lagniappe, or a Trifextra, for the weekend. A love story challenge, written in only 33 words. Backstory: my husband... Continue Reading →

Week 4: 365 Project

This week was better for me getting more dedicated photos, but there were a couple of days where it got to be 7, 8 at night and I'm scrambling to find something to use to take a picture. No theme this time, but I have been thinking about a few more weekly shots. I want... Continue Reading →

A worthy life

Nestled among pines 'Neath a shroud of fragrant leaves Rest in peace good friend Haiku Friday is hosted by Lou at LouCeeL. Surrounding a small, rustic chapel in the woods, a pet cemetery spreads out under the pines. Handmade markers, bearing the names of beloved dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, turtles, pay homage to these animal... Continue Reading →

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