Writer’s block

It’s not life or death. It’s not even a make or break business deal, a non-negotiable deadline that could mean a cut in pay or total loss of a job. It’s a personal mission to write some little something that doesn’t completely suck and maybe, just maybe garner a few ‘nice job’ comments from faceless admirers and longtime friends. A few years ago finding the voice of my muse was easier. I could rant on the need for national health care reform after a particularly craptastic encounter with insurance companies, or count on one or both of my children to provide material for a pithy life lesson or funny anecdote. “The other morning, early… Hubs and I heard an ungodly noise from across the hall. It sounded like WK’s room had imploded. Upon investigation, Hubs found The Boy had only excavated a box of old die cast toys from his closet and was not in actuality buried under tons of

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