I’m not sure when I decided I wanted a tattoo, but once I did that’s all I could think about. Months were spent perusing websites and library books looking for just the right design. I knew I wanted something Celtic, a nod to my heritage. Each element was significant, as were each color. (And no, I’m not telling what they mean.) When I got that first tattoo, I was still a little ambivalent about getting permanent ink so it was small… about the size of a silver dollar. I loved it, and the Mister, who was a lot ambivalent about me getting inked, liked it. I also knew, even before I got home, I wanted another one. That was 12 years ago… This time I took my daughter to photograph my adventure. She as only ten the last time, highly inappropriate to take an adolescent into a tattoo parlor. I did my research again, piecing together something that would be

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