Catching up

I’ve been home a whole week since my trip home to Tennessee. Like ‘they’ say, now I need a vacation from my vacation. There was a lot to catch up on once here, much more work than expected for only seven days away. I collect crucifixes and rosaries. My collection also includes an 1852 edition of de Imitatione Christi (The Imitation of Christ) in the original Latin. I spent a couple of hours one morning reworking the shadow box where I display them. During our recent trip I found a mother-of-pearl rosary and another vintage cross at a cool little antique shop in Sevierville. While the peeps assured me my toms got watered in my absence, they were looking very sad once I checked on them. After some TLC from me, and several days of drenching rain, they made a remarkable come back. It’s not clear from the photo, but this little guy has a split near the crown. I

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