Notes from the road

Taking a long weekend to visit the kinfolk in Tennessee, and as they say in the south, “it’s hot as blue blazes.” Which translates into it’s hot as hell, and I’m living in shorts, even more so than back in Florida. Being that I am interacting with more people in public here than I am at home, and because I am for all intents and purposes representin’, I feel like I should be more socially acceptable than I usually am. This translates into me shaving my legs more in the last three days than I have in the last three weeks. On finding unacceptable music on the car stereo: Driving through West Knoxville, The Boy was searching through the channels on the car radio… “Is Tennessee part of the Bible Belt,”  he asked after finding the umpteenth religious music station. “Oh, sweetie we are the Buckle.” “I can’t stand all these white people songs on the radio!” “Hate to tell

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