This weekend my family was in Tallahassee to witness our oldest, our first-born graduate from college. Saturday morning JM and about 1,300 of her classmates were bestowed their degrees in the second of three commencement ceremonies. I was surprised that I maintained composure as well as I did. I choked up during the National Anthem and once more during the hooding of new doctoral grads when one new PhD. was given her hood by her father. Very touching to watch on the jumbo tron over center court. This week’s photos were taken during the ceremonies. We lucked out and sat practically perpendicular to where JM was in the crowd. Thank goodness for a good zoom lens. I present one of the best and brightest of FSU’s Class of 2011… (okay, now I am going to cry.) JM is attending grad school this fall with a full academic scholarship. I cannot begin to describe how proud our family is of all

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