masonry monkey

A square inside a circle

Norma Feherty didn’t believe that anyone was truly clairvoyant. People could be extremely intuitive, or observant. They could be experts at misdirection or mental sleight of hand, but no one had vatic visions. That was, she didn’t believe until she met Madam Weronika Nagy. She wasn’t one of those trailer psyches who asked open-ended questions. She made proclamations and Nostradamus prophecies. As exact as the … Continue reading A square inside a circle

bare light bulb attached to industrial cord

The lights are on, but no one’s home

The instruction email came only a few minutes after scheduling our home-visit appointment. We were told to not change any light bulbs in any of the suspected lamps – even if they burnt out prior to the actually reading – to not move or dust the shades, and to not unplug or turn off any lamps at a wall switch, only use the actual lamp toggle. … Continue reading The lights are on, but no one’s home