The green door

Empty pizza boxes and beer bottles littered the room. Couch cushions were in a jumble where they were moved to open the sleeper closed inside. Sheets, stained and threadbare, the corner-hugging elastic stretched beyond its means, were wadded into a rancid pile on the floor. Bodies in various stages of drunkenness or unconsciousness were draped… More The green door

Point blank

Ideas, hurled like cannon balls, are indiscriminate in their destruction. A special license should be required before shooting off your mouth. Spewing ignorant words in a spray of hatred and bigotry, bullets of misogyny and intolerance raining down without any regard for who they wound. Sticks and stones… words kill more people than guns and knives. You… More Point blank

Out walking

I walk everywhere, and I walk fast. It’s like I’m always in a hurry. If I walk at breakneck speed, my brain moves at hyper speed. Sometimes that gets me in trouble, other times that speed sparks my imagination. Most of my best stories come to me when I’m out for a walk or hiking in the… More Out walking

Hazards and pitfalls

A question lies between us still. I am helpless to understand the words That from your hungry lips spill. We played the role of cowards And I shied away from love unrequited, hazards and pitfalls made you tremble, heart broken and shattered beneath the heel of bastards. Crippled and lost, hope did depart. Never could… More Hazards and pitfalls