Hard fought

Burnt umber cockleshells capture the roaring ocean Relentlessly churning in slow motion A tug of war between planet and moon Burbling brine, seabirds cawing Whispering winds, stars falling A mighty fortress built upon a sand dune Grappling against the divine Heaven and ocean intertwine Divergent devotion, to all I surrender Diving into the fathomless deep… More Hard fought

Plumbing the depths

She sits on the beach, gazing longingly out along the horizon. Only at sunset, sunrise breaks too early. and she hoards what sleep she can achieve. At dusk the water takes on an ebony sheen. Nothing like the crystal clear, emerald of day, where she can stand chest-deep in the waves and still see the… More Plumbing the depths

On a grand scale

Sunsets and sunrises at the beach can be stunning. The expansive vista, unencumbered by obstruction, goes on forever. It’s like being able to see to the end of the world. I’ve been witness to some spectacular displays of color. Ethereal paintings of such magnitude that I am dwarfed by the enormity, and at the same time,… More On a grand scale