city street black and white

Ransom is missing

Annalise was the epitome of the facinorous step-mother. She was conniving, mercurial, jealous, vacuous, and insecure. That she was only eight years older than her new husband’s only child, Ashley, made the family dynamic the perfect fodder for a Lifetime Movie, or the lede for the Times Picayune’s Wednesday Police Blotter. Ashley simply had to outlast the drama another six months, then she’d be off … Continue reading Ransom is missing

masonry monkey

A square inside a circle

Norma Feherty didn’t believe that anyone was truly clairvoyant. People could be extremely intuitive, or observant. They could be experts at misdirection or mental sleight of hand, but no one had vatic visions. That was, she didn’t believe until she met Madam Weronika Nagy. She wasn’t one of those trailer psyches who asked open-ended questions. She made proclamations and Nostradamus prophecies. As exact as the … Continue reading A square inside a circle

number 9

Man of mystery

Andrew was a skilled pettifogger from the Old School of Quibbling. A layman lawyer, he could out talk and out argue any Bar sanctioned attorney. His court was the Speakers’ Corner of the city square; his clients were the disenfranchised; the judge, and jury, were his fellow citizens congregating on the quad; and the gallery was filled with uniformed officers idling on the fringe hoping … Continue reading Man of mystery

iron doors of old jail

Picture perfect

There were days when Dr. George Gleason wondered who was really running the asylum – the doctors or the inmates. Then there were days like this, when he knew it was the patients’ families who were in charge. The man sitting across the desk from him looked like the typical corporate executive. He wore a tailored suit in an appropriate navy blue shade, paired with … Continue reading Picture perfect

leaded glass windows

Shining a light into the dark

The story so far… Old Wives’ Tale I looked around the sunny, and welcoming atrium, and thought I’d like to live at Shady Grove one day. I would enjoy the peace and quiet. Forget placing my mother there, she would try to redecorate the comfortable room into another velvet-lined parlor. Marshall paced while I admired the view from the leaded windows as we waited as … Continue reading Shining a light into the dark