vintage permanent wave machine

All an Acts

She worries about my ink and the extra bling in my ears, and nose, and navel, while fretting with the solitary Swarovski gems adorning her 00 gauge, stretched out earlobes. Arched, over-engineered brows punctuate her displeasure. She pooh-poohs my Black Dahlia lips, her blue morpho butterfly wing lids fluttering in fear. A tremulous rebuttal declaring dyes and ochres, kohls and rouge are not alterations, they … Continue reading All an Acts


We need a hero

He was a phantom of mythological proportions. Spoken in hushed, reverent tones, legends of his daring adventures passed from father to son. He was larger than life, strong beyond measure, wiser than all the elders. He was a god. He was also a lie. A hero of tall tales whispered to lackadaisical children, he was an ideal to aspire to, yet never attainable. Generation after … Continue reading We need a hero