no parking sign

Kingdom Come

Four Horsemen Newsletter Vol. 52, Issue. 11 No Parking Signs: Parking for the Apocalypse is only permitted between the hours of 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. Violators will be towed at vehicle owner’s expense. Impounded property will be auctioned off if pending fines are not settled within 10, regular business days. Weather Center: NOAA forecasts for the upcoming hurricane season call for forty days, and … Continue reading Kingdom Come


Fashion disaster

For the past several months I’ve been on a journey of transformation. Finally within touching distance of a decade-old goal weight, I’ve been daydreaming about an entirely new wardrobe to celebrate. Pants are falling off my hips, my body is swimming in my blouses, even the Sisters are in need of new underpinning. My problem? Finding clothes that are both age appropriate and flattering has … Continue reading Fashion disaster

high tide on the beach

Sand script

Gleaming in the moonlight, the unblemished sand is the perfect slate for my vitriolic complaints. A storm-torn quill, plucked from the befouled backside of a garbage-eating gull, is my mighty sword. Digging deep into the sand, I gouge out a litney of aspersions towards those who perpetrated wrongs against me. Listing them in their entirety, eloquent in their viciousness, I impeach my offenders. Casting doubt … Continue reading Sand script

It all counts

Throughout her academic career, my daughter worked exceedingly hard to earn high grades. A consummate overachiever, she maintained an A-average from elementary school through her recent master’s degree. Her education was serious business. When she was in middle school, probably around seventh grade, the scale for earning an A was a numerical score of 95-100. All that changed when the local school board lowered the … Continue reading It all counts