close up of Lab face

How the cookie crumbles

A monster storm was coming. The cool and calm weather outside the mall was misleading. I knew I could be walking into a maelstrom. Rabbi Lazar chose Arbor Park Town Center for our meeting. She thought the outdoor mall would be less intimidating than an austere office setting. Previous sessions had been horribly unproductive, verging on hostile. Darcy and I waited in the food court. … Continue reading How the cookie crumbles

cat paw on Buddha

The silken paw

Not a sharp, cruel claw, Silken paw, gentle and loving Unconditional, uncomplicated Tender persuasion A soft touch, a warm caress, Stills a troubled heart Empathetic calm when chaos rules Soothing feline lullaby Whispered in the dark Do unto others Bringing peace amidst discord A hushed tranquility Sharing in other’s suffering With sympathy and compassion Do no further harm Playful and fierce, wild spirit Reaching out … Continue reading The silken paw