In for the kill

The brindle cat was on the prowl. She sauntered down the darkened hallway, caterwauling. The fur ball had a mouse and was bringing it home to feed her family. Mom was half asleep, but was brought fully awake when the cat pounced on the bed, dragging her catch with her. Depositing the freshly-caught, furry wet… More In for the kill

Master’s voice

A pair of French doors opened onto a broad veranda that extended the full length of the house, offering an unimpeded view of the overgrown backyard. Narrow paths, worn down through knee-deep grass, wended around the outer edge of the yard along the fence row, with an occasional side path meandering deeper into the meadow.… More Master’s voice

No paparazzi

People and pets – the two most difficult creatures to photograph. I’ve had better luck capturing moments with wild animals than either of my kids or any of my furkinder. That’s why, when the stars align, and I hold my mouth just right, or hold my breath just so, and I get the shot… that’s… More No paparazzi