When I let my fingers do the hiking

It doesn’t happen often, but this weekend I stayed home and didn’t get out for my usual photo hike. Instead, I spent the holiday weekend with my kids. My daughter, who is living out-of-state attending grad school, was home for Thanksgiving, so when she wasn’t hanging with old friends (who were also visiting over their break), I wanted to enjoy her company. My still teenage … Continue reading When I let my fingers do the hiking


After a year of enduring the bite of Kile’s needle, Evie thought she’d be accustomed to the sting by now. With only a few short weeks between sessions, the itch and bruising didn’t have much time to heal before another sitting. The stylized masterpiece covered her back from neck to waist. The red hawk perched in a protective stance. Wingtips wrapped around Evie’s left shoulder … Continue reading Inked