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Mental health

Pocket full of pebbles

I’m not sure what it is about me, but I often feel that I am some sort of confessional magnet. Maybe it’s my perceived zen-esque attitude, or how I talk […]


Digging my way out of the quicksand that is my mind, I lie vulnerable, spent and exhausted. Taking deep gulps of acrid air, I realize I’m now in a fire […]


They want me to learn to breathe. I’ve taken enough breath tests, I told ‘em I already knew how. “Visualize,” they told me. “Imagine the positive.” they said. If I […]

Lived in

Between my OCD-collector son, and “I-might-need-that” packrat husband, we’re one cardboard box from a Hoarders episode. The only time my home will be spectacularly clean is at my wake.

Dark matter

His whole countenance is black. The very air around him dark with foul humor. I knew him when he was the golden boy. The sun rose and set on him, […]

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