praying mantis

Preying mantis

Gullible people Food for praying mantis Eating their liver With fava beans and a nice Chianti, while off their meds *Praying mantis eat their prey while it’s alive; fava beans, liver, and red wine are listed as verboten foods for people taking Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors. The combination is potentially fatal. Anyone who is prescribed MAOIs to treat depression, and dines on this meal, is probably … Continue reading Preying mantis

iron doors of old jail

Picture perfect

There were days when Dr. George Gleason wondered who was really running the asylum – the doctors or the inmates. Then there were days like this, when he knew it was the patients’ families who were in charge. The man sitting across the desk from him looked like the typical corporate executive. He wore a tailored suit in an appropriate navy blue shade, paired with … Continue reading Picture perfect

lamb lying in the grass


Elder statesman Rep. Eugene Warrick, attending a recent function at Sheffield Manor, a local nursing home facility, was mistaken for a resident, and was detained there for two days before administrators positively identify him, and allowed him to leave. The 83-year-old Warrick, a half-century veteran legislator serving the 67th District, was the scheduled special guest at the center’s 50th anniversary celebration on Wednesday. Rep. Warrick … Continue reading Woolgathering

macro die cast cars

Kelly Blue Book invaluable

To the uninitiated, these represent childhood memories of pretend car races. To me, they symbolize the manifestations of a lifelong obsession, a compulsive obsession. At the tender age of 12, my son was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. His rituals involve small, die-cast toys. Mainly cars, but it can also mean tiny motorcycles, airplanes, military vehicles, just about anything small enough that you could hold … Continue reading Kelly Blue Book invaluable

broken truck windshield

Window cracked

They say that I am broken, like the window in my old truck. Cracked, shattered, fractured into so many pieces I will never be whole again. But, they are wrong. A chip here and there, hardly makes me ruined. I have character. I have Kintsugi. My scars make me beautiful. They are hieroglyphs that tell my story in all its glorious fullness. They show my … Continue reading Window cracked

white mannequin

For hire

The reading room reminded Carl of Great Aunt Gertrude’s parlor. On special visits to her house, Gertrude would let him look through the new Sears & Roebuck catalog. Carl would giggle at the brassiere models with their conical breasts, and high-waisted girdles. Gertrude diligently censored the men’s underwear section, expertly cropping the offending pages. After Gertrude passed, it was Carl’s job as executor to curate … Continue reading For hire