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Sibling harmony

“You’re just an attention whore!” He said, sputtering with self-righteous rage. “Always on that Instabook or Facegram, tweaking.” An almost indiscernible shake of her head was underlined with an audible eye-roll and exasperated huff. “How is that any concern of yours,” she said, lifting one eyebrow quizzically. “You have no real relationships, just imaginary friends living in your computer,” he said, smirking like only a … Continue reading Sibling harmony

leaded glass windows

Shining a light into the dark

The story so far… Old Wives’ Tale I looked around the sunny, and welcoming atrium, and thought I’d like to live at Shady Grove one day. I would enjoy the peace and quiet. Forget placing my mother there, she would try to redecorate the comfortable room into another velvet-lined parlor. Marshall paced while I admired the view from the leaded windows as we waited as … Continue reading Shining a light into the dark

empty bird nest

A no-fault state

The story so far… “Old Wives’ Tale“ “Every day I feel like I’m dying inside just a little,” Amelia said. She and Lester sat at a decorous distance from each other on the Carson’s front porch. James and Olivia Carson, Amelia’s employers and surrogate parents, sat at the opposite side of the porch acting as chaperones for the young couple. Over the past few weeks, … Continue reading A no-fault state