House warming gift

More from the Dinner Party… The gazebo had seen better days. Paint peeling from the rafters littered the benches and stairs landing with a dusting of moldy, white flakes. Old spider webs, hanging like shredded bunting, decorated corners, and railing slats. Atop the only rise in the park, the pavilion was once the venue for… More House warming gift

Discordant drums

They would congregate along the rim of the open-air theater in the city park at night. Before the sun dropped below the tall buildings, they would come in pairs, as small families or larger clans. Some slowly danced to silent music, others performed wild, acrobatic feats of wonder. Colorful, haphazard quilts were spread out in… More Discordant drums

Unasked questions

More of Tilde and Mark’s story… Kimmie dragged her son, Zane, off the porch, giving Tilde and Mark a chance to get reacquainted without a teenaged chaperone. Not knowing what to do when they realized they already knew each other, Tilde and Mark awkwardly attempted a handshake then went in for a clumsy hug. “You… More Unasked questions

The one that got away

Zane and Tilde negotiated their way through a mass of people crowding the front lawn. An expanse that could easily be mistaken for a soccer pitch, or the outfield of a major league ballpark, was the site of a winner-take-all flag football game between parents and the Henry Ford High School Regional Baseball Champions. Kimmie, Zane’s… More The one that got away