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Must be present to win

Standing on the busy sidewalk, Suzy made slow turns, looking up at the tall buildings. The theme song from the Mary Tyler Moore show on continuous loop in her head, she regretting not having a felt beret to toss in the air. Suzy wasn’t a young woman, not just starting out in the business world. She was just a middle-aged mother of two, alone in … Continue reading Must be present to win

macro die cast cars

Kelly Blue Book invaluable

To the uninitiated, these represent childhood memories of pretend car races. To me, they symbolize the manifestations of a lifelong obsession, a compulsive obsession. At the tender age of 12, my son was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. His rituals involve small, die-cast toys. Mainly cars, but it can also mean tiny motorcycles, airplanes, military vehicles, just about anything small enough that you could hold … Continue reading Kelly Blue Book invaluable

school bell

Raising independent children

When I was a kid, around first grade-ish, I walked to school. It was less than half a mile from where I lived, but in my child-mind, and to my pudgy child-legs, it was at least five miles – both ways, up hill, in the snow. Across the street from my school, there was a small market. Sometimes, my mother would give me a $1 … Continue reading Raising independent children