Colder than it looks

Hopped around some for my photo hike this weekend, stopping at several locations. Drove out to Navarre and walked the fishing pier again. It was a little cloudy when the day started out, and the sky was amazing. Took the long way home through Milton and then hit a few spots nearer to home. It was a cold day, hovering in the low 50s, but … Continue reading Colder than it looks

Falling waters

Have you ever started out thinking you’re going to do one thing, and turns out you end up doing something else completely different? Yeah, that… I started out on my photo hike this weekend thinking I would go to the historic downtown of a small city near me ~ well, really not so near. It took about an hour to drive there, and was sorely … Continue reading Falling waters

Christmas Eve Florida style

Living on the Florida Gulf Coast has its own perks. One being that on Christmas Eve it’s perfectly normal to go to the beach, especially when it’s such a beautiful day. Yes, the sand really is that white; and yes, the sky really is that blue. The temps were in the high 50s, a little breezy, and I had the beach almost entirely to myself. … Continue reading Christmas Eve Florida style

Happy Holidays

Both of my kids are home for Christmas break, so I didn’t get out much to take photos. There were cookies to bake… Lights to display outside… And, a tree to decorate… There are more cookies to bake and a few more boxes to wrap. I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. Give thanks, give hugs, and keep peace in your heart. (Photos shot … Continue reading Happy Holidays

Without pier

The weather was gorgeous this week. Cool temps, cerulean blue skies, and wide open spaces. I took an afternoon and spent some time on the Okaloosa Island Pier and surrounding beaches near Fort Walton Beach. Fishermen (and women) were out casting for trout, and pelicans and herons were fishing for leftovers. The birds were huge, much bigger than you might think. The herons were at … Continue reading Without pier