Prodigal son

Goodwood Duxford tales… The front window at The Grumpy Magpie featured a slightly used casket, opened and propped against the headboard of a sleigh bed. The remainder of the display was filled with poorly crafted decoupage nightstands and jewelry boxes made by the store owner’s niece. Enjoying a rare day off, Goodwood Duxford, Pepperidge Township’s… More Prodigal son

Point blank

Ideas, hurled like cannon balls, are indiscriminate in their destruction. A special license should be required before shooting off your mouth. Spewing ignorant words in a spray of hatred and bigotry, bullets of misogyny and intolerance raining down without any regard for who they wound. Sticks and stones… words kill more people than guns and knives. You… More Point blank

Full metal basket

Crystal swore as she walked from the outer limits of the parking lot to begin her shift at Big Box Store. It had been raining for five solid days and ankle-deep puddles made the crossing more like an obstacle course. She could feel the grimy water seeping into her galoshes, soaking her socks. That’s just… More Full metal basket