pay phone

Wake up call

The ringing woke her from a deep sleep, but Millicent didn’t mind. “Tell me everything!” The caller, near panic, was hyperventilating. “I had to get out of there, I couldn’t breathe.” Millicent’s smile quickly turned to a scowl. “Man up, you big baby!” She yelled into her phone. “If you mess this up, I’ll shoot you myself, if she doesn’t beat me to it.” Twenty … Continue reading Wake up call

Gin joints

Stan felt a of rush of déjà vu standing on the tarmac with Pauley, only this time he was holding her hand, not carrying her, drugged and unconscious, onto a plane. “A lot different from the last time, huh?” Pauley liked to tease Stan about his part in her involuntary exile with her mother and newly discovered father – Stan’s former boss and organization kingpin. … Continue reading Gin joints

A game we play

*Catch up with the adventures of Pauley and Millicent, beginning with “Dead Money.” This week, read Lance’s chapter first, “Shake it Out,” then come back here for the second installment. Stan and Lenore watched as Pauley and Millicent walked out to the porch. Millicent’s arm protectively hooked around her friend’s elbow. Pauley was laughing. “You know, there really is a Rick’s Café in Casablanca, just … Continue reading A game we play

Resume normal

The scene below unfurled in slow motion. Pauley felt like she was running through quicksand, unable to get down the stairs fast enough. Tomas’ gun aimed at Stan’s head, his finger on the trigger, and she knew she was useless to help. She cried out, but Tomas never flinched. That was until Vivian came out of nowhere, like an avenging angel. A really pissed off … Continue reading Resume normal

With a little help from my friends

Lenore squealed the tires of her sedan taking a sharp curve. Accelerating through the apex she drove straight for the Angels Trumpet covered wall surrounding Vivian’s complex. In the front seat, Pauley braced for impact, doing her best to brake from the passenger’s side. Stan, pressed back into his seat, covered his face with both arms. The car slammed through a hidden gate in an … Continue reading With a little help from my friends

Crawling in the dark

The scene was chaos. Three men lie dead on the sidewalk, and a bystander wounded but alive. A trail of blood ended at the street where Tomas’ men rushed him away from the mayhem. Stan watched from across the street. Sirens wailing, but not able to cut through the crowd. He was surprised that more people hadn’t fled from the carnage. A few of the … Continue reading Crawling in the dark