A day in the life

Dressed in his usual medium blue, short-sleeved work coveralls, Chester answered an urgent call from the principal. He was almost done for the day, and this late afternoon puke disaster sent him begrudgingly into the cafeteria just as the last bus riders were queuing up for their rides home. The after-school clubs were gathering in their respective corners of the lunch room when a particularly … Continue reading A day in the life

The beast

The beast was getting bolder. No longer satisfied to strike under the shadow of night, he had begun attacking at will. Another daytime raid ended the lives of an entire family of seven, helpless to defend against his brutal might…they were all gone. It was standing room only in the council hall. Voices were raised in anger and fear. The village couldn’t simply wait to … Continue reading The beast

Fort Pickens

Lost in the tunnels

His mail rattling with each step, the sergeant of arms strode with purpose into the cavernous hall. In one hand he dragged the submissive priest behind him, his other hand rested on the hilt of his sword. The whole while, the Prince watched the spectacle, a look of boredom on his face. He slumped in his throne, one leg bent with his foot resting in … Continue reading Lost in the tunnels

Dear mother

Her heart monitor beeps were in sync with the pain that radiated through her body. The slightest movement sent electric shocks through every nerve. Shallow breaths were all she could stand, the ache keeping her just at the brink of consciousness. If she could have spoken, she would have begged for mercy, a released from her torture. Men in white coats and woman in blue … Continue reading Dear mother

Stone soup

“You have less than two dollars and no access to more money. Begging is illegal and the police are vigilant. How do you get food?” Professor Oliver walked around the lecture hall passing out one dollar bills. Frantic hands went up, questions thrown out in rapid-fire succession. Oliver held up an unconcerned hand, waiting for quiet. “Figure it out. You can work in groups, but … Continue reading Stone soup