Three deaths

Tawny fungi spread Entwined among rotten stumps Beauty grows from death


One letter, one word Piecing together stories Rewrite, try again

Guard dogs

Marble guardians Fair of face, beauty and grace Villainy beware Gargoyles, familiar creatures perched on the eaves of Gothic architecture, are not the evil demons many believe them to be. They are guardians, mystic guard dogs warding off malevolence and bad spirits. Their stoney countenance all the better to strike fear into the black hearts…

Stop and smell the coffee

Caffe, as is life Dark, rich, full-bodied Both bitter and sweet It is all you add to it That makes it satisfying I am a regular tea drinker. While that is my preferred method of caffeine intake, I’ve become more of a coffee connoisseur over the past few years. Because I’m not a daily coffee drinker,…

Roommate wanted

One-room apartment Single, green female seeks same No pets, no smokers

Happy place

Kicking back, lazy Sunshine, cool breeze, crystal waves Happy place dreamin’