The green door

Empty pizza boxes and beer bottles littered the room. Couch cushions were in a jumble where they were moved to open the sleeper closed inside. Sheets, stained and threadbare, the corner-hugging elastic stretched beyond its means, were wadded into a rancid pile on the floor. Bodies in various stages of drunkenness or unconsciousness were draped… More The green door

Out walking

I walk everywhere, and I walk fast. It’s like I’m always in a hurry. If I walk at breakneck speed, my brain moves at hyper speed. Sometimes that gets me in trouble, other times that speed sparks my imagination. Most of my best stories come to me when I’m out for a walk or hiking in the… More Out walking

House warming gift

More from the Dinner Party… The gazebo had seen better days. Paint peeling from the rafters littered the benches and stairs landing with a dusting of moldy, white flakes. Old spider webs, hanging like shredded bunting, decorated corners, and railing slats. Atop the only rise in the park, the pavilion was once the venue for… More House warming gift

Full metal basket

Crystal swore as she walked from the outer limits of the parking lot to begin her shift at Big Box Store. It had been raining for five solid days and ankle-deep puddles made the crossing more like an obstacle course. She could feel the grimy water seeping into her galoshes, soaking her socks. That’s just… More Full metal basket