My, my, my hikin’ shoes

Due to a catastrophic computer fail, and my increasing lack of effort and enthusiasm… I’ve abandoned the attempt to complete my first 365Project. I gave it the ol’ college try, but sadly, I just couldn’t sustain it. Now, that I’ve dispense with that bit of distasteful housekeeping, on to my weekly photo hike. I will never give these up, they keep me sane… Last time … Continue reading My, my, my hikin’ shoes

Week 28: the skies have it

Living on the Gulf Coast means that with the exception of a few pesky hurricanes, the weather here is pretty spectacular year round. Winters are short and relatively mild, spring comes early, fall is lovely and really the best time to visit, and summer – well, summer can be fickle. The season, by far, is the longest and can include stifling heat and lung collapsing … Continue reading Week 28: the skies have it