End of the trail

The boardwalk zig-zagged through the titi forest, high above a saw palmetto marsh. Dragonflies hummed through the humid air and green anoles skittered from shadow to shadow seeking refuge from the blistering sun. With luck, she would have the trails to herself. The park was merely a bump in the road, hidden from plain view… More End of the trail

Quiet light

Goodwood Duxford tales… The boy sat in a pool of quiet light, high on a hill surrounded by small, white granite headstones. His back against the rough bark of an old-growth pine, he closed his eyes and listened to the wind rustling through the trees. As the last rays of the sun spread out over… More Quiet light

Into the light

The Story so far… From the outside, the building appeared to be like any other on the street. Once Clay walked through the green door, he stepped into a subterranean world few had entered, or knew existed. Noor, his escort, led him way down the labyrinth of passages, fingertip barely grazing the rock walls, as… More Into the light