Sock monkey bread


There once was a woolen simian
Who loved Christmas toast with cinnamon
Slathered in sugar and butter
His heart was all aflutter
When he ran out of bread, he used a hamburger bun

The Trifextra challenge this week is: …exactly 33 words to make us laugh out loud and spread some festive cheer.

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  1. What Lance said.
    Loved the poem! That “Christmas”toast! Takes me back. And of all the things to miss, lately I miss eggnog!


  2. Clever, clever Tara! I love any kind of toasted bread with butter, simian and sugar. (Especially after a glass of spiked eggnog! ;) And a sock monkey with a heart all aflutter? Too cute!


    • I started with the sock monkey ornament and simply thought about Christmas. Simian and cinnamon just sort of happened. It’s not an exact rhyme, but I hoped it was close enough.


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