The tail of a paper dragon

Feet buried deep in the soft sand
Face turned to the warm breath of air skittering across the ocean,
An insistent sun smiling down on me,

I lift my arms, letting fly all my worries
Tied tight to the tail of a paper dragon
Released into the wind, to float away

Leaving me carefree and at peace

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Submitted to Weekly Photo Challenge. The theme was to, “share a picture that means CAREFREE to you.”

15 thoughts on “The tail of a paper dragon

  1. this made me smile and remember how the sand felt (just last week) and the sun warmed from the outside in. Being carefree is a wonderful feeling.


    1. I’m waiting for the beach crowds to finally thin out so I can get back out there. I need a kite. We used to fly them all the time when our kids were younger. It really is a wonderful, carefree feeling.


      1. yes, I can imagine when things are quiet and that beach is deserted that the kite flies with joy. You too! :)


        1. What I really want to do is kite surf. I watch people skipping across the waves, pulled by huge kites, and it looks like they are flying… without actually being airborne.


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