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Raising teens


There are three encouragements to surviving raising teenagers. The first is IT gets better. The second is it GETS better. And the third is it gets BETTER.

The Trifextra challenge this weekend is: “to write a version of Henry James’ ‘Three things..’ quote.”

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  1. teenagers or not, I see it getting better some days and new problems arise, but I guess for me I just keep remembering that being a mom was always what I truly wanted so I try not to complain (MUCH)

    I look at my relationship with my mom now and I know that what you wrote is true, it will get BETTER than BETTER. ;)


  2. I’m not quite to the teens yet (oldest is almost eleven.) He’s already getting an attitude with me, so I’m afraid the next few years, I may be chanting, “it gets better…it gets better…”


    • I always said that when my kids added a digit to their ages, I lost one on my IQ. Around age 16, 17, they lost most of the attitude and I gained back my brain. “It gets better.”


  3. My daughters are 7 and 3…….the road is long, isn’t it?! :) They scrap like wild cats sometimes but, they hug each other goodnight each night, too. The good times make the bad times tolerable. That’s all I’ve got for now.


    • My kids are four years apart too, and there were times when I thought they would never get along. Now, they are very close and it warms my heart.


  4. Wise advice, Tara. I have a teenaged daughter. Sometimes there are rough patches, but I know when she goes off into the world some day I will miss her dearly and cry my heart out. I want to know that that time will get easier too:) Great writing!!


    • When my oldest, my daughter, left home to attend college, all the angst (on both our parts), was worth it. I’m so proud of her, but it was hard to watch her head out on her own.



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