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Raining petals

Gerber daisy petals

Beautiful flowers
Red, my favorite
Daisy petals too tempting
Not to pluck
A fortune to tell,
A future to ponder
Each crimson blade
Aimed at my soul
Cupid’s true arrow
Or love’s cruel dagger
One by one, bringing
Hope or despair
Joy or misery
Ecstasy or pain
The outcome a mystery
Once begun
Cannot be interrupted
Once decided
Cannot be undone
The arrows cannot be returned
To Cupid’s quiver
The daggers cannot be withdrawn
From my heart
They cannot be recounted
What is done, is done
The fates have chosen
This won’t be pretty
He loves me not
Heartless bastage!

The 100 Word Challenge is to tell a story in only 100 words. This week’s theme is ‘Pretty’

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  1. Oh, Tara. “They” do say we should write what we know. I always feel, no matter your subject, that you KNOW whereof you speak. Sigh. Beautiful in its hurtfulness.


  2. This: “Each crimson blade
    Aimed at my soul
    Cupid’s true arrow
    Or love’s cruel dagger”

    is amazing. You did a lot here.


  3. Loved this piece. Your words get right into it and and wring out every emotion.
    Thanks for sharing.


  4. oh Tara, I stopped to read this from my email feed and crumbled.
    that last line is perfect, so PRETTY in its ugliness and hurt.
    “The arrows cannot be returned to Cupid’s quiver’
    Oh how I loved that line.



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