B as in Blue


When my children were young, every fall we’d pick up school supply lists and make our annual trek to Office Depot, filling our cart with No.2 pencils, wide-rule notebook paper, and 24-count boxes of Crayolas.

The kids have outgrown supply lists, but I still love crayons and coloring books, and I don’t share.

Prompt #7: Share a favorite holiday recipe

Prompt #11: Tell about something you’re embarrassed that you love.

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  1. There is no better feeling than completing a lovely coloring page with everything falling neatly within the lines.

    Okay, maybe there are WAY better feelings. But this occasional habit of mine feeds my OCD nicely.

    Great post, Tara. Thanks for linking up!


  2. Oh how I love crayons.. All those colors, all those opportunities to make a tree, a sun, be creative. I don’t think anything makes me smile quite like crisp white paper and a box of crayons. You are such a colorful person, this doesn’t surprise me at all. ;-)


  3. My girls are still young. 10 and 7. I always adored coloring. It’s the slight OCD in me, I like my own fresh box of crayons, my own coloring book that I color in without skipping pages. I don’t feel bad though because they have tons of coloring books and enough crayons to last for home for years. Great post!!!


    • I can appreciate wanting to have your own box of crayons. I was the same way, I wanted to keep them in the right order and not just put them back in the box any old way.


  4. I think there’s a lot of us out there Tara. I too love a new box of crayons…and I have several here….and coloring books too. I say that I keep them in the house for grandkids’ visits; but honestly, I still love to color. Somehow it’s relaxing to me….like knitting. What is the attraction for a brand new box of crayons? ~Joy


    • Coloring is very relaxing for me too, I also love the smell of a new box of Crayolas. I have to wait for several more years before I can blame buying crayons on grandchildren.


    • I had a practically new box, and my husband donated it to a school supply collection at his office. I didn’t have the courage to tell him it was my box and not a left over from our kids. I bought a new box this past fall.


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