Welcome home, Asta

She’s home!

After an interminable two-week wait, our newest fur kid, Asta is finally home.

She is the sweetest little, Lab-mix, and Asta’s older ‘sister’ Hershey is accepting her adopted sibling as if she was always a member of our family.  Po isn’t quite sure about Asta, but I think she’s warming up to her.

Our little girl is recovery from surgery and still limps, but can get around pretty well.

We found out that before she came to the rescue refuge where we met her, she had been seriously injured in a hit-and-run accident. She underwent reconstructive surgery to repair a broken hip. The pin can be removed in another month, and she should walk better after that.

Asta must have grown accustom to being outside, it a took a while before she would come in the house, but soon she made herself comfortable on her new bed.

We all have some adjusting to do, but I think she is fitting in perfectly into her Forever Home.

12 thoughts on “Welcome home, Asta

  1. Well she is just beautiful.. Look at that doggie smile and yours too.. I can’t tell who I am happier for.. Her for getting a ‘mom’ like you or you for getting all that puppy love. So happy for your family, she’s a doll
    Enjoy her.


  2. She’s adorable! I often wish for a great big farm-like place where I can have lots of dogs. Not that I don’t love the two I have now but more dogs is more happiness! So good to see her in such a good home.


  3. Looks like a happy tribe. Bless you for opening your home to this sweet little baby. And I love that you call your home her “forever home.” Can’t wait to read more as the adjustment period continues.


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