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abandoned toy

Dried leaves, filtering through the collapsing roof, crunched under her feet. Walking from room to room, flashbacks from her childhood twisted through her memory.

The door long gone, she stepped over the threshold of the closet where she slept. A metal chest sat forlorn in the corner. Inside, she was shocked to find the remains of long forgotten toys and storybooks. When she picked them up, a photo fell out and floated to the floor. She picked it up and gasped, crumbling to the floor.

Her tears, soundless and bitter, fell. She had her proof. He couldn’t deny his sins.

For the Scriptic prompt exchange this week, Diane Trujillo gave me this prompt: When she picked them up, a photo fell out and floated to the floor. She picked it up and gasped.

I gave Major Bedhead this prompt: You buy an old camera at a thrift store, when you get it home you discover there is still film inside. Do you get it developed? If you do, what is on the film?

The 100 Word Challenge, theme this week is ‘Soundless’

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  1. Followed the 100-word challenge bloghop to find this little gem. I find 1.000 words a big challenge already, but when I see what you can do in 100 ….. Wow!!



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