The manor, boarded up since Gram passed, showed signs of neglect. Porch risers creaked menacingly. Window panes, cracked and begrimed with age, blinked against the rising sun.

My keys refused to cooperate, thwarting efforts to unlock the front doors. With a final, violent shove, ancient tumblers flipped. Grating on rusted hinges, the massive oak entry swung forward, a rush of noisome air escaping.

Greying sheets covered moldering furniture, and festoons of spiderwebs created lacy bunting that draped from tarnished chandeliers.

A clear message appeared in the thick layer of dust on the mantle, written with a phantom fingertip, “Welcome home.”

Velvet Verbosity 100 Word Challenge
This week’s 100 Word Challenge is: Dust

12 thoughts on “Homecoming

  1. I do love the word “mouldering” and I do love your style, Tara. Such a lovely scene – with what might be a macabre ending. :) Yeah, that’s what I like.


  2. I think I could actually smell the must and mold, that first choke you have when the dust flies into your throat.

    loved the image of the Lacy bunting of the cobwebs, it was poetic. WOW.


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