Breaking the rules

death wish skateboards

“So which one did you decide on?”

“The redhead.”

“Why that one? It’s hideous.”

“I liked it, I think it made the boldest statement.”

“I still don’t understand why someone your age needs a skateboard.”

“It’s not merely a skateboard, it’s part of my New Year’s resolution.”

“What’s that? To break every bone in your calcified body?”

“No, to break every behavior rule society demands for someone my age, to live my life how I want to, regardless of what anyone thinks.”

“That’s a nice speech. Just make sure you have a helmet and that your life insurance is current.”

Velvet Verbosity 100 Word Challenge
The 100 Word Challenge writing prompt this week is: Redhead
This week’s Studio30 Plus theme is: “Resolution and/or Blow it”

16 Comments Add yours

  1. barbara says:

    we went the motorcycle route . . . now it’s an exercise bike. A skateboard would kill us. :) But fun to try . . . once . . . :)


  2. JazzBumpa says:

    If your going to break the rules
    Doing it with a redhead
    Is the obvious choice


  3. llcooljoe says:

    ““No, to break every behavior rule society demands for someone my age, to live my life how I want to, regardless of what anyone thinks.”

    Amen to this!


  4. deanabo says:

    This is great! It’s different because you expect they are talking about a woman. I love the twist.


  5. territerri says:

    This makes me feel less silly about my secret desire to try snowboarding… even though I’m “too old!”


  6. I liked it. :-) You might want to correct ‘helment’ though. ;-)


    1. Tara R. says:

      Dang! Where did that ‘n’ come from?


  7. saintseester says:

    I have some extra crystals around here. They look rest on a cast!


  8. dxpepper says:

    Can I be the first to sign the cast? And . . . I kind of want to go get a skateboard now!


  9. I love your spin on 100 Words this week! I have been spinning my wheels trying to come up with something. This is fantastic!


  10. Love this! Of course he picked the redhead:)


  11. Kir Piccini says:

    ah, well whatever takes you somewhere else right?
    I like how he called it the “redhead”, it brings to mind a woman, but then it isn’t…

    guess she should be glad that his temptations are inanimate? (HA)

    not EVERYTHING bad for you.


  12. Ha! Definitely a new twist on the midlife crisis!


  13. Sean J says:

    Inspiring on so many levels ;) Thanks for sharing!


  14. Ahaha. Sounds like the midlife crisis could only afford a skateboard.


  15. What a great take on the Studio30 Plus prompt this week. I love it!


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