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Between my OCD-collector son, and “I-might-need-that” packrat husband, we’re one cardboard box from a Hoarders episode. The only time my home will be spectacularly clean is at my wake.

The Trifextra challenge for this weekend is to write a non-fiction submission of 33 words, which must include one of these two-word phrases: “cheap flights,” “sandwiched in” or “spectacularly clean.”

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  1. Tessa says:

    Hoarders don’t use boxes LOL! They just dump it everywhere and pile it up! :-) Great piece!


  2. trifectawriting says:

    I didn’t read it as a metaphor. But I do agree that cleanliness might be overrated.


  3. Nise says:

    LOL! Beautifully done.


  4. Kelly says:

    My daughter just took a very similar photo of my grandson’s cars! Love it.


  5. Sandra says:

    One never “needs” something until one sees it! At least that’s how it goes when we try to get rid of some kiddos’ toys. This is great!


  6. I can relate…nicely done.


  7. Lance says:

    you should take a picture of their clutter. would that “shame’ them into cleanliness?

    i can relate. our girls’ rooms are ridiculous


  8. rashmenon says:

    ha ha ha! that was a good one :)


  9. Gina says:

    We are borderline hoarders in this house! I LOVE the accompanying photo. It’s perfect. Something never seems “right” to me when I see a perfectly pristine house.


  10. Terrific picture – And I love the one cardboard box away from…Nice response, Tara.


  11. I’m with the others on the photo – wonderful to match the words. Well done, as it made me feel a bit uncomfortable. I’m the opposite – everything goes.


  12. Very wry and funny. Unfortunately, I seem to be two-thirds of your family!


  13. Marie says:

    I love that you always find a perfect image (from your own personal collection) to illustrate your posts. And I am a firm believer of less is more, yet there are some stuff that I just can’t let go (ask my mom and her basement holding my junk…)


  14. Draug419 says:

    Ha! This is wonderful (:


  15. territerri says:

    Love the cars. My son still has his collection… but his cars are not so well taken care of. They’re in a Rubbermaid bin.

    I sometimes feel the same way. I often wonder how much stuff we’d miss if we did an extreme overhaul of every room and got rid of things we haven’t used in a year or more.


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