Inner fire

Burning bright

Is your inner light a tea candle or a blazing inferno?
Does it shine or smolder?
Warm and inviting, welcoming others to draw closer,
Or intense and overpowering, too hot to approach?

How does your internal flame burn?

8 thoughts on “Inner fire

  1. Can I be both? What’s in between? I have the ability to be very warm and inviting but still seem almost too intense. Kind of like a warm fire that has the ability to go out of control and destroy everything but with the proper care, can keep you nice and warm. Yup..that’s me!


  2. It all depends on the day of the month and who I’m with. Sometimes my inner fire is the flash of a match tossed on a gasoline-soaked Christmas tree. Sometimes it’s a glowing dot at the end of an incense stick: steady, smoky and subtle.


  3. my inner fire burns like a cackling meth addicted pyromaniac with a lifetime supply of matches and kindling.

    beaufiful and inspiring, Tar Rah


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