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Final flight

Final flight

Climbing the rock face, shards of slate dislodging and tumbling to the earth, all I feel is numb. My fingertips search for crimps as I ascend. Their urns, wrapped inside my pack, thump against my back urging me upward.

They say I’m brave for returning to the scene, wanting to scatter their ashes from the outcrop. I’m not brave, I’m tired. I just want to sleep forever.

When I reach the top, I’ll open their jars, letting them loose on the wind. Shedding my gear, I’ll then open my arms and join them for one final flight from the mountain.

Robot Leeroy

100 Word Song, a writing challenge from Lance based on a weekly music prompt. Give 100 words, not 99, not 101. This week’s challenge is inspired by Bauhaus – “Of Lillies And Remains”.

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  1. oh. to want to be with them in death, how heartbreaking and beautiful in your hands with your words.


  2. And now you will have me addicted to another weekly writing thing. Love this idea of Lance’s!! You did, as always, an amazing job :)


  3. Peter Muprhy would weep after reading this one. Great interpretation and one of my favorites from you.

    The pain is palpable and gripping.


  4. is that crater lake in Oregon?

    Love your take. The image of the floating ashes on the wind and then throwing yourself off after them! Oooh, chilling



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