Dear First

12, Never 2012
First Born
King of Everything
Frozen Hell Blvd
High Horse, TN 04161

Dear First,

Our estrangement is undoubtedly my fault and deserves an apology.

I’m sorry you’re an arrogant and judgmental prick, and apologize our familial relationship precludes addressing you as “motherfucker” or “son of a bitch.”


The Other One

Rule of thirds

The Week 12 Trifextra challenge for this weekend was to write a letter of apology, fact or fiction, using only 33 words – excluding addresses, salutations and closings.

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  1. Heather says:

    Bwahahahahhaha. I know how good it felt for you to write this and my eyebrows went up with those words there. Not just a mommy blogger from Florida, are you? ;)


  2. Oh man – I love the address, too. The part about the familal relationship made me initially think this was firstborn’s mother, but then ‘the other one’ made me realize “OH. Younger sibling.”

    It’s funny. When evil sib and I were kids (and you can tell a lot about our relationship by her nickname), she was just a pain in the butt little sister. It’s those years I feel guilty for. And I wasn’t a particularly horrid older sister, just not a very great one, either. And the guilt doesn’t run that deep. But I used to swear that I would favor my oldest kid to make up for all the favoritisim showered upon her.

    Of course, now that I have kids, the one I find myself sticking up for most often is the tyrant of a younger child. My kids are actually very close emotionally, and I am so happy to see that their relationship is much closer to what my husband describes as his relationship with his sisters. Squabbly, but loving, and totally there for each other. Me? If evil sib was still alive, I’d so write a letter like this one to ‘last born’.


    1. Tara R. says:

      When my kids were younger, they had a hard time getting along. I think that was more because of the 4 year age difference and their totally different personalities. Now, they are close and get along great.


  3. Um, I’m the first born. What are you saying? The family babies have it the easiest.


    1. Tara R. says:

      I’m saying this family baby didn’t…


      1. Every dynamic is different. My parents were great. But their baby is the golden one. :)


        1. Tara R. says:

          My parents were great too, never compared us kids to each other. But, we have never been close or gotten along well.


          1. Ugh. As a mother, I’ve compared my kids so many times. Yes, I suck.

            Oh, well. At least I’ve given them plenty of fodder for their memoirs.


  4. k~ says:

    Yeowsers :-)



  5. fghart says:

    Man, oh man, but I can relate. I had 3 prodigal daughters. So much heartache, anger and sorrow. Good job with the prompt.


  6. Mel says:

    Well written! Your address is so clever.


  7. Amanda says:

    I wanted to say my favorite part is… but every line (including the address!) is my favorite.


  8. territerri says:

    I know a few people who could have written that very same sentiment.


  9. Mostly, I like the line: “our familial relationship precludes addressing you as “motherfucker” or “son of a bitch”.


    1. Hamza says:

      Yeah, swear words tend to get the message through.


  10. Carrie says:

    rofllmao…oh dear lord is this what I have to look forward to? Except I truly believe it will be my second who causes me so much grief


  11. Powerful and emotional and just an amazing write. This one will be on my mind all night.


  12. susielindau says:

    Hate notes are so awesome! I lost mine long ago and hope someday to find it!


  13. barbara says:

    so glad that even though I am considered the oldest, I am not the first born.

    beautifully, brutally honest. I’m sorry.


  14. Lance says:

    real, raw, brutal, honest, and damn oh damn can I relate.

    Consider this comment a hug and a “i know how you feel”


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